Learn how Logosynthesis® is being used internationally to support healing and development.

‘Can Logosynthesis be used for ….?’  I hear that question a lot! Here in Canada, we often consider a diagnosed illness as something quite different from reactive behaviour that gets in the way of everyday living and thriving in our times. As I trained in Logosynthesis, I became aware how my reactions to my boss, my coworkers, my children, my husband (… and the list goes on) were triggered and could be resolved. And I became aware that we all react. In the case of painful experiences, the reactions can feel intense. I was introduced to an amazing group of professional coaches, counsellors and therapists who had incorporated this powerful model into their work to support their self-care and to guide their clients. Their work and their stories inspired me! I wanted to share it and I deeply appreciate each contribution! My goal with this series of interviews is to share Willem’s gift and to inspire you with what is possible with Logosynthesis! Subscribe now so that you don’t miss future interviews!

Here is feedback that I received from the interview with Ineke Kersten:  ‘So I watched your video. It did take me a few days to be in the space I needed. I saw the title, feared it a bit. For lack of better words. Just scared of what it might be bring up. I loved it. You brought up points that affect so many of us. Her insight was amazing. You have a way of getting information from those you interview, to questions of those who need those answers. I hope that makes sense. Disassociate for me was a big one. Repeated events. How she described suffering for years. It was an exceptional interview.’

Click here for the entire playlist

A big thank you to Cathy Caswell for this tremendous work.

Logosynthesis International Association

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